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How Zibu Symbols Work?

What are Zibu Symbols and where did Zibu Symbols come from?

Zibu symbols are angelic expression of various energies in the form of symbols. Debbie Z Almstedt was given these symbols in her meditation after her reiki attunement.

zibu symbol hatatami
zibu symbol hatatami

How many Zibu Symbols are there?

There are more than 70 symbols. These symbols carry special energies for specific areas of life like abundance, health, healing happiness, dealing with tough situations, courage.

If you want to improve specific areas of your life, you can work with specific symbols and get benefits from it. Like all other occult sciences these symbols work according to your trust and belief. Although they work with cynic people also and build their trust on them. Use them with all your devotion and see them work miraculously for you.

How to use Zibu symbols?

There are numerous ways of using Zibu symbols. You can write them on body, on different objects, draw the symbol by your hand over the drinking water, or water bottle, or on your food etc. You can take a printout of image of the symbols or can hang up painting of them to see on your wall so that you are easily able to spend time when them and meditate with them.

This way the symbols spread their divine energy in your house so that you and your family are always blessed with these divine energies.

Any method of using the symbols is the right way. There are no rituals or customs attached to it. It all works on your belief and devotion.

tote bag with akashwa zibu symbol
tote bag with akashwa zibu symbol


For every time you are going to use them:

  • First get into a calm state of mind.
  • Take 3 to 4 deep inhales and longer slow exhales then relax.
  • Then thank Angels for already blessing you with your desired wish.
  • While keeping in your mind, what you are asking is already given to you. (Timelessness)

Then draw the symbol according to your wish and meditate or keep drawing it for some time in a notebook. Use the specific color for the symbol. Spend at least 10 minutes doing that. Make this an everyday activity by spending at least 10 minutes with your desired symbol.

asi symbol coaster

After you are done with drawing your symbol or meditating on that again, say thanks to Angels and that Angel symbol and let it go. Letting go is the key in every Pathy you are using, either you are following Angels symbols, or you are using law of attraction.

The result sometimes comes very fast. It’s all about how much trust you have in it.

Whether you want to make new friends, dealing with a health issue, having a bad mood or facing a tough situation, it works really fast and works on your belief system.

For any specific desire you can use more than one symbol. You can use two, three or more symbols all together, there is no specific rule to it.

For example- Health recovery

You can use HATUMI (symbol for optimum health) plus RAMA (symbol for abundance). It will add to an abundance of health. You can also add SEEMA (blessing symbol) or AAKASHAWA (symbol for healing). Any combination of Zibu symbols, as your intuition guides you, is the correct one. Don’t doubt it, it will definitely work.

Everyway is the right way while using the Zibu symbols. So don’t limit or block your mind with any fear or limitation. Be free while using them. You just need to trust them. They will definitely sort out your problem or they will show you the way. No fear no expectations, just make a wish, say thanks in advance, spend some time with them, thank again and let it go.



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