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HAMADA – The Symbol of Vitality

This symbol of vitality infuses life enhancing energy. We use Hamada symbol for enhancing our energy and vitality.

Whether the symbols are visible or not visible when the intentions are set angels will respond.

Always take time to bless your food with this symbol. It takes only a few seconds but it’s very worth investing time in your body, in your health.

Uses symbol to whatever you eat or consume. It may be solid food, water or other beverages. Use your toe or finger to draw the symbol over your food, in the air.

You can use this symbol while cooking food using your fingertips. December can be made over your drinking glass or water bottles it can be used on your water filter or water purifier.

It can also be drawn on the overhead tank in your house. You can also create coasters and under the plates mats to put your food and water glasses over it.

There can be many other creative ways to use any of the symbols like with this symbol we can use it on our refrigerator and on any other utensils you want to use to put your food in.

Any symbols whose energy you want to receive you can be drawn on your drinking water and food. Other preferable symbols that should be used for food and beverages are AKASHAWA symbol (for healing) SIMA symbol (for blessings) and ANU symbol (for gratitude).

Like other symbols, before using hamada symbol invoke angels to for your desire, draw the symbol and at last pay your gratitude

Thank you, angel, for giving me vitality and enhancing my energies all the time.

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