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Sima symbol or the blessing Symbol is a reminder to appreciate what you already have, what is already present in your life so more of the same well arrive in your life. What we focus upon will be magnified.

blessings sima

If you focus is on your problems and you are always worried then your problems and worries will get magnified. But if you focus on your solutions, there will be more solutions in your life. If you count your blessings, your blessings will be multiplied. We have many blessings in our life, like our family, our friends, our kids, the clothes we wear, the water we drink, the air we breathe in, the food we have and our perfect body with all its organs working perfectly for us but we never thank them.

Use Sima symbol for whoever and whatever you want to bless. If it is a a living being draw Sima symbol on their heart all over it their crown chakra. You can bless anything that you use daily, like your books, your desk your stationery ,your laptop or your mobile phone.

Bless your house your possessions, your belongings your office whatever you appreciate ,with Seema symbol.

Bless your wallet to be always filled with lots of lots of money. You can keep this symbol in your wallet also, to always bless your money and make it come back to you multiplied whenever you pay for something.

Draw on your kids for their all kind of well being. Draw the symbol on their pillow covers and also in their room, they will always be in the blessings of Angels

If you are giving away something like your old clothes and old stuff ,bless it with Sima symbol and then give it away. The person receiving it will be very happy using it.

Whenever you wake up in the morning imagine to draw the symbol along with Anu symbol ( gratitude symbol) on your day. You will be Amazed how great and how productive your day will be.

Use Sima symbol on any kind of Bill you are paying, it will send blessing to the receiver .

Bless your food using Sima symbol. While cooking food you can also chant Sima. Use it over your water bottles, coasters or plates.

Draw this symbol on your main door .anybody who is entering your home will be blessed with angelic blessings.

Draw Sima symbol on your  aura and request angels that whoever crosses paths  with you during the day is blessed as well. It also help you to protect your energies and keep your energy is high throughout the day.

Bless yourself using Sima symbol and visualizing yourself surrounded with blue light of Arc Angel Michael. It is a great way to protect your energies.

Draw this symbol for not only on your loved ones but also on those who want to you harm. Request Angels to bless them for their highest good and get you detached from their negative energy. As you bless them, more blessings will keep coming back to you.

So there are numerous ways in which we can use Sima symbol.  With the use of  Sima symbol we can attract  more blessings and make our life easier and simpler.

Thank you Angels for giving me blessings with divine love and gratitude.

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