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Zibu Symbols – Attracting Abundance Happiness and much more in Life

Zibu Symbols are Angelic symbols, as they carry and generate their own energy. There are more than 70 Zibu symbols.

Zibu symbols - Attracting Abundance Happiness
Asi Zibu Symbol

Debbie Zylstra Almstedt was guided these symbols in her meditation after her Reiki Attunement. Zibu symbols are a kind of language, with which we can convey our message to Angels as they are given to us by the Angelic realm itself.

These symbols can be used for different life situations so that we can get angelic support for different aspects of life and what we want for us.

These symbols are drawn to acquire feelings like love, passion, forgiveness, faith or hope etc. We draw the symbols to also attract abundance, health, happiness, joy and confidence in our lives.

Each Angel symbol has a specific meaning and message of hope, love and encouragement from angels. On our life path, angels are always with us, watching us, want us to ask for help from them. Angel symbols or Zibu symbols help us to get easily connected with angels and seek their help.

There are numerous ways you can use Zibu symbols.

You can draw them on paper. You can draw them over your drinking water with your fingers. You can draw them in the air using your fingers. A printout of the symbol can be taken out and be pasted on wall to get its energy. A painting of the symbol can also be hung on the wall. You can draw them on your order using your fingers or they can be marked on the body using a marker also.

We can use many Zibu symbols together, if we feel guided to do so. For example, if one wishes to have abundance of health, he can use Rama and Hatumi  symbol together, these symbols are for abundance and optimum health respectively. We can you both of these symbols together. We can charge our water with them and drink it; they can be drawn on a person’s chakra or can be placed in the room. You will be benefitted with the energy of both symbols

Any way of using Angel symbols is the right way to use them. The only condition is you just got to have faith in them and your unfazed devotion. They shower their energy in most conditions. You will be surprised by the results after working with them.

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